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Meraki by Cisco Partner

image depicting a Meraki Certified Partner

Meraki Reseller and Technology Partner

DCS is a certified Meraki technology partner and reseller servicing NYC, New York State's Hudson Valley as well as all of New Jersey.  Holding a Cisco Select Certified Standing with Cisco makes us uniquely positioned to assist you with the specification, configuration, and installation of all of the Meraki networking products and Cloud-based platforms including the following:

  • Meraki Firewalls
  • Meraki Wireless
  • Meraki Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Meraki Switching
  • Meraki Licensing Subscriptions

Image Depicting Meraki authorized Networking partner reseller NJ NYC

DCS provides full support for the Meraki networking product line as well as the ability to aggressively price Meraki Solutions and Meraki license renewals.   Contact us today and speak with a Meraki by Cisco certified sales engineer for more details.