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Superfish Vulnerability

Important Computer Announcement for DCS Clients:

Superfish Vulnerability on Lenovo Retail Computers Only

On February 19th Cybersecurity experts reported a vulnerability found on some retail models of Lenovo Computers. The vulnerability is caused by a pre-installed software included on some consumer grade models namely "Superfish". This computer models are mostly found on major retail stores such as Best Buy and Wallmart.  It is very important to know that Lenovo immediately discontinued the use of the software whcih was only installed on consumer notebook products shipped between September 2014 and February 2015.

Delaney Computer Services Customers ARE NOT AFFECTED

As part of our commitment to always provide the best solutions for our customers, we offer business level computers only whcih were not part of the deployment of the Superfish Adware. As a result our customers are not impacted by this vulnerability.

Lenovo has released an official statement which details the list of the models affected by this threat. You may find their official statement on their website

Apart from an official confirmation from Lenovo of business series computers not being infected, we have performed our own analysis can confirm that our customers are not affected.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.