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Why DCS?

Superior, Managed IT Services

Why should YOU Choose DCS as your managed service provider? The answer is simple: our goal is to exceed industry standards for small business IT support with superior professionalism, performance, and customer service and have a long-lasting, successful business relationship with you. We are in it for the long haul, not out to make a quick sale.

How do we achieve this?

Why Choose Delaney Computer Services to be your Managed Service Provider

We actually know what we are doing. By eliminating as many of the conditions that cause unexpected IT problems during our initial normalization of your technology, everything will run significantly more smoothly and effectively - but it doesn't stop there.

  • DCS will Assess the environment, catalog all IT assets, and remove immediate hazards once we understand how your business or organization works (fundamentally and economically). Then, we can begin to tailor our services to you.
  • Assess: We start from the beginning and determine how your business works, what you have, and the gap between you and what you need to succeed. 
  • Design: We will do our best to design an appropriate normalized IT environment that supports your business's operation goals.
  • Build: We will build the environment that you need while keeping it at an affordable price. We can make the appropriate equipment purchases much more affordable by moving them into operational expenses that can be written off as expenses -- instead of large capital expenditures, easing normalization costs.
  • Secure: Improved security, Business Continuity strategies, lowering expenses, and communicating effectively. The result is a plan for sustainable growth.
  • Maintain: Proactively maintain your beautiful new network moving forward.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat.


  • IT takes days to respond to calls
  • Tech support is never available when you need it most.
  • Dysfunctional email setups
  • Outages of system/network/computers that last days

Most business owners, C-level executives, and managers now recognize that Information Technology is crucial to their business's survival and growth.

Why do many still choose a Break/Fix relationship for IT instead of a modern, common-sense solution?

It always comes down to two things: fear and money.

How do you pay your IT guy? Not how much - but HOW do you pay your IT guy?

The financial model behind your IT relationship speaks volumes about the business model and sustainability behind it. A reactive relationship does not work in personal relationships -- nor does it work in business. Stop paying by the hour whenever a problem occurs, as this model breeds unpredictable expenses, low-quality technical work, and opposing Incentives!

Managed Services are the only way to construct a successful relationship between Information Technology and business development. DCS has been promoting this long before it was a popular belief, and finally, much of the world is catching on. If it were possible for a break/fix consultant to provide all the services a successful business requires, he would without charging by the hour. However, this is impossible since an IT consultant can't guarantee you a flat hourly rate.

Let's say that one of your servers fails. This job alone could require anywhere between 20-50 hours of work to restore. If a regular IT guy were to deliver a flat-rate price, he would gamble with his livelihood. Technologies vary drastically, as do their respective issues. Managed Service Providers don't have to predict how long a job will take; they can take a proactive approach to your IT.