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Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Strengthen Your Human Firewall by Training Your Employees to Spot Security Risks with our Security Awareness Training Services

The objective of an effective Cybersecurity Awareness Training program should be to empower and encourage your employees to become proactive security assets that are always aware and vigilant against cyber threats. Cybersecurity awareness training teaches individuals how to protect themselves and their organizations from cyber threats like hacking, Phishing, and Malware attacks and teaches people to be vigilant in using technology safely and securely, for example, by creating strong passwords, spotting fake emails, and avoiding downloading suspicious files.

Once your system users embrace our cybersecurity awareness training, they will become part of a security culture within your organization. Users keep cybersecurity a the top of their thought processes in everything they do; This is your human firewall.

Strengthening an organization's security posture isn't always about implementing new technology. Cybersecurity should begin with your employees' education about cyber threats as they serve as your "human firewall" by improving employees' ability to spot them before they fall victim to them.

60% of SMBs Go Out of Business Within 6 Months of a Data Breach

  • Did you know that 95% of Breaches are caused by human error?
  • Over 25% of employees admit to using the same password across all applications
  • 90% of small businesses don’t use any form or method of data protection for company and customer information

Easy to Understand, short, On-Demand Video Based Security Awareness TrainingEmployee CyberSecurity Awareness Training is the Best Way to Prevent a Data Breach

With our easy-to-understand video-based cybersecurity awareness training program, you will provide employees with continuous short weekly cybersecurity awareness training videos that use a quick 4 question quiz to ensure that your staff will engage and retain this easy-to-understand cybersecurity training content that doesn't speak over the heads of employees that are less proficient with technology. 

Employees are more likely to retain this data, reinforcing and expanding your human firewall to become one of your company's best cyber defenses.

Employees Compete with each other using a gamified employee secure score (ESS) technique to see where they rank among their peers. Using gamification typically increases buy-in to security programs and causes an instinct to do better.  ESS scores can be integrated into company employment policiesCyberSecurity Awareness Training for NYS DFS cyber security laws

Businesses quickly determine which employees represent the highest risk to the company.  Our engaging video training modules will then educate those users and reduce the threat.

  • Evaluate which employees may be putting your business at risk with our Individual Employee Secure Scoring (ESS)
  • Quickly identify employees impacted by current or previous data breaches.
  • Rapidly deploy a result-driven and robust Security Awareness Training Program.
  • Written Information Security Policy Templates as well as a centralized portal to store critical policies and information about critical vendors
  • Simulated Phishing Email Campaigns to test your employees' ability to differentiate real emails from risky phishing emails
  • Ongoing Weekly Micro Training that will reinforce good cyber-security hygiene 
  • Continuous DarkWeb scans of all employees to look for email accounts that may have become compromised.
  • Monthly Security Newsletters and much more

By enhancing employee cybersecurity proficiency, common human errors that lead to data compromises become greatly diminished.

Ongoing Cybersecurity Awareness Training is your company's first line of defense and provides the most cost-effective piece to any defensive, in-depth security strategy. The cybersecurity training and supplemental training modules are quick and easy-to-digest short videos that even non-technical employees will understand and digest.

Contact DCS today to learn more about implementing a robust Cybersecurity Awareness Training program and how it will benefit your organization!