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Detect Cyber Security Threats in Real-Time with DCS' Managed Cybersecurity Services

DCS Cybershield: The comprehensive managed cybersecurity services from Delaney Computer Services, Inc. Our team of experts will provide you with the latest cybersecurity technology and services to keep your business safe from cyber threats. With DCS Cybershield, you can rest assured that your data and business are protected. Our services include 24/7 monitoring, threat detection and response, and proactive security measures to keep your business safe.

Rapidly evolving cybers-threats demand more intelligent, highly vigilant managed security services for small businesses that will defend your network in real-time by analyzing network traffic for your entire network, Office 365 tenants, and all your endpoints.  

Our managed cybersecurity services for small businesses provide comprehensive digital assets and sensitive information protection. The service typically includesManaged Cybersecurity Services monitoring, detection, and response to potential threats, as well as regular security updates and upgrades to ensure that the small business's systems remain secure. With a managed cyber security service, small business owners can focus on growing their business while the security experts take care of the technical details. In addition, the service can help reduce the risk of data breaches, downtime, and other security incidents, providing peace of mind for business owners and their customers.

With security threats at every angle, it has never been more critical to secure and protect non-public information such as employee records, financial, client, and health data, as well as other business-critical information. With increasing legal compliance mandates, the risk of exposing sensitive, personally identifiable information that could damage your business' reputation, cause fines, and the loss of confidence in your business by your clients, DCS' managed security services are just the smart thing to do.

From our Security Operations Center of SOC, DCS employs a defense-in-depth Managed Security as a Service approach which gives you an around the clock protection from the dynamically changing and increasing attacks on your network, devices, and information day in and day by using layers upon layers of cybersecurity techniques that help support each other to keep your data safe. We also can provide continuous security awareness training.

DCS Managed Cyber Security Services protect your data against internal and external breaches through a cost-effective, affordable solution. It helps keep you safe from:

  • Ransomware
  • Virus attacks and Malware
  • Data Breaches
  • Backdoors
  • SIEM | SOC
  • Unauthorized access to systems
  • Attacks on your email and online files
  • Data Exfiltration

The consequences of data and theft can be significant, particularly for small to businesses holding client PII:

  • Financial loss
  • Penalties and Fines
  • Unhappy customers
  • Damage to reputation
  • Lost revenue
  • Reduction in service levels
  • Frustrated staff
  • Drain on resources
  • Losing out to competitors

Managed Cyber Security Consists of Three Key Services:

Managed Security Services