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password management services
password management services

Protecting your business from Cybersecurity threats is crucial to maintaining a strong and trustworthy reputation. With password security being one of the largest threats to businesses today, it's important to have a password management solution in place. In fact, a staggering 81% of security breaches are caused by weak or stolen passwords, leaving your business vulnerable to cybercriminals.

At DCS, we understand the importance of keeping your business safe and secure, which is why we partner with world-class cybersecurity vendors to provide complete password security. Our centrally-managed password manager is designed to protect your information and employees from hackers and cyber threats. With a simple Active Directory or Azure Active Directory integration, we can provide quick onboarding and ensure that your team is using strong password hygiene at all times.

Rapid Deployment with Fast User Adoption

  • Protect every password in your business with unhackable, military-grade security
  • See if your team is using hacked passwords by constantly scanning the DarkWeb for breached and weak passwords
  • Securely share passwords with your team and external partners
  • Enforce strong password policies with actionable reports
  • Implement best practices to protect your business with custom security policies
  • Monitoring of personal email accounts and passwords

Users will have secure access to their passwords from each of their devices. When an item is changed on one device, the changes are synchronized to all of the user’s devices automatically.  End-to-end security and a zero-knowledge architecture keep your passwords secure.