Managed Compliance

Cost-Effective and Fully Managed Compliance Services
for Small to Midsize Insurance, Finance & Healthcare FirmsManaged Compliance Services

For small and midsize businesses, achieving cybersecurity compliance can be an extremely complex, time-consuming endeavor.  Delaney Computer Services, Inc., a leader in secure, managed IT services, recognizes this and has created cost-effective ongoing managed cybersecurity compliance solutions for the financial, insurance, and healthcare industry.  DCS can assist your team from conducting a readiness assessment to implementing administrative, physical, and technical safeguard policies based on NIST standards that will ensure your business or organization stays compliant with dynamically changing industry cybersecurity compliance requirements.

Ongoing Compliance 

Once your cybersecurity compliance program has been implemented, DCS will monitor and enforce ongoing compliance while being your dedicated compliance partner who will help you to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information while conducting ongoing compliance training, ensuring that employees and vendors are following cybersecurity policies, and freeing your management.