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Experts in Cloud-Hosted, Fully Managed, VoIP Phone Systems for Today's Businesses

It's time to replace that aging office phone system with a modern, flexible, cost-effective, cloud-hosted VoIP phone system. Your IT support team at DCS has got you covered. We are experts in deploying VoIP phone systems that revolutionize how your company or organization communicates and collaborates while improving efficiency and saving money.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology is often thought of as just making phone calls over the Internet. While that may be true, did you know that a cloud-hosted business VoIP solution can massively reduce a company's monthly phone bill? We can also significantly minimize business capital's layout to purchase a new physical PBX, costly installation, and ongoing maintenance asSOCiated with traditional PBX telephone networks.

VoIP for business isn't just a new way of making phone calls; it's a more modern approach to voice and video communication, online meeting collaboration, and mobility features that deeply integrate your telephone system into your business workflow. In addition, connections to many popular business applications like Microsoft 365,  Salesforce, and many other popular CRMs make your choice to work with a partner like DCS the logical choice to implement your next office phone system.

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Benefits of cloud-hosted business VoIP phone systems:

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Lower Costs: Implementing a VoIP system doesn't require a lot of up-front investment like replacing your traditional office phone system PBX would. Now your new phones will run over your existing computer network, and no more unexpected service call charges from your telephone vendor when you have a new hire or need help with your voicemails. 

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Greater Mobility: Team members can travel worldwide using just one phone number. No more playing phone tag, juggling multiple devices or giving out your cell phone number.   The VoIP for Business phone systems we install include an amazing Mobile App that makes calling, texting, and video conferences from your mobile phone effortless, even over cellular data or public wifi.

Image depicting VoIP for Business near me using <a href='/glossary-redirect.cfm?term=Microsoft Teams'>Microsoft Teams</a> integration Work From Home:  Having the ability for employees to quickly adapt from working from the office to working from home seamlessly and securely.   Take your work phone home, call from your laptop or home PC, or use mobility applications or integrate with Microsoft Teams. 
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Text From Your Work Phone: Send and receive SMS business text messages via your mobile app, or when you're at your computer using your PC, MAC, or mobile app, so you don't have to use your personal mobile phone number to stay connected

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Better Productivity: With secure voice communication integrated right into your company's workflow and business applications will save time, help you collaborate more effectively, and work with less stress, and the ability to receive your voicemail messages as a fully transcribed email with an audio file attached makes it easier to respond to clients and patients

Implementing VoIP for your business and getting it to work right takes experts like the team at Delaney Computer Services. Poorly configured VoIP systems often may present call quality issues or cause network problems. To ensure you get the highest productivity gains and the most significant cost savings from your new VoIP solution, you'll want a technical partner with deep experience in VoIP and expertise with the networking technologies that make it work.

Delaney Computer Services has provided premises and cloud-based VoIP services to companies throughout the metro area for years and impresses clients with our consistent, outstanding customer service.