IT Consulting

DCS offers expert IT consulting services for small though mid-market sized businesses and organizations that rely on IT systems at the core of their business operations as well as a need for robust cybersecurity compliance regulations such as HIPAA Hi-Tech, 23 NYCRR 500, FINRA, and other compliance standards. Our ITimage depicting IT Consulting Services consulting services range from simple IT Advice, Cybersecurity Compliance, Network Design, and  M&A IT acquisition integration services, Our core philosophy is that any successful IT consulting engagements should include an IT Risk Assessment, including a proper business impact analysis. An IT risk assessment will make you aware of potential threats your business or organization may be facing and highlight a clear plan to normalize the IT environment to ensure success   Threats are weighed by the likeliness of their occurrence, separated by human-made threats from natural threats, which are then factored against the potential impact on your business or organization. 

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